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I was interested in becoming fit and healthy ever since I was 13. I joined my first gym at this age and have many fond memories of working out with my friends and teammates. I soon learned I would never look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I still wanted to be in good shape and feel good. These health goals continued to stay with me into my college years and even impacted my choice of major, Public Health. After college I ventured down to Atlanta, GA where my roommate was attending a chiropractic school nearby. He introduced me to how chiropractic is focused on helping people achieve optimal health through a properly functioning nervous system. I guess you can say the rest is history!

When I started practicing in 2001, I was very excited to bring this message of health and wellness to my local community. It was an exciting time for me! Unfortunately in 2003, my own health started to suffer and I wanted a way to quickly find out why. My energy level was decreasing and I was developing a rash on the inside of my arms. The rash would itch frequently and became very uncomfortable, especially in warmer weather. This went on for three years and became increasingly difficult to deal with! Then in 2006, I discovered Nutrition Response Testing℠ through a post graduate class I was taking. I found a doctor qualified to examine me and went to get tested. Unfortunately, the doctor was in Massachusetts, but I was determined to find the cause of my problems.

The doctor discovered that I had some stress on my liver and recommended some supplements and diet modifications. Fast forward three months, my rash was gone and my energy level was much improved. I felt like I was 20 again! I was so surprised that taking supplements and modifying my diet would have such an impact on my health condition. I then made the decision to get qualified in Nutrition Response Testing℠ at the highest level so I could help my patients overcome their difficult health challenges. Helping my patients transform their health through chiropractic, nutrition and lifestyle changes has become my purpose in life.


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