Heart Sound Recording in Wallingford

Chiropractic Wallingford CT EKG

The Heart Sound Recorder, HSR in Wallingford, is a non-invasive device that monitors and records each valve of your heart separately. The recordings allow us to analyze your heart sounds in order to determine if a regime to improve your heart health is necessary. If your recording doesn't meet optimal heart health then we may recommend nutritional changes or supplements that are essential for restoring your heart back to proper function.

Would you be a good candidate in Wallingford?

You may be a great candidate if you have symptoms such as: ringing in ears, dizziness, exhaustion throughout the day, swollen ankles, poor circulation, breathing issues, hands/feet go to sleep easily, muscle cramps that get worse during exercise, are an afternoon yawner, difficulty catching your breath during exercise, tightness or pressure in chest, fatigue upon exertion, muscle weakness, muscle spasms, breathe heavily, pounding heart at night, heart races after alcohol consumption, heart races frequently, heart flutters, sensitivity to cold, or are dealing with an adrenal imbalance (depression, anxiety, etc.).

Call today to join our Healthy Hearts Program, so we can increase your heart health and reduce your risk of heart disease naturally. We look forward to seeing you again soon.


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